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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

2022, Vol. 10, Issue 3, Part B

Ecotechnology of isoprene, resembles, ph beyond central-dogma to spoil evil-helix of virions or else their genetic materials in a natural gene-editing process of ayurveda

Author(s): Debabrata Das, Prakriti Das, Aranya Das and Santa Ana Das

Abstract: Digitally Ayurveda totally can spoil evil proteins, virions, microbes mere foreign-proteins, unlike multi-cellulars, can easily get denatured with plants acids (pH < 6.5) or with plants alkaloids (pH > 8.0) and Isoprene may in between. This research study found in fisheries and mankind The very well known fact to mankind is that pathogenic or foreign-proteins, namely virus and bacteria can be denatured with mild Ayuyrvedic acids or Alkaloids. Ground-truth microbial counts and digital parameters of ecology can find relations viz. machine learning techniques, of departing hydrophilic viruses, microbes with hydrophobicity of hydrocarbons or else reactive Isoprene.. In earlier studies author found that hydrocarbon Isoprene the smallest unit of essential Authors are running Ayurveda gardens with fascinating plant specieses namely Justasia spp and Citrus plants those are releasing plants acids, Isoprene etc can protect and prevent any viruses with Isoprene instant proofs. May be gene editing of of all evil viruses with Isoprene remains be pre historic and established since Ayurvedic era Modern digital-research of Chromatography, Distillations or digital electronics can find that Isoprene and few others when emitted by plants or algae can prevent viruses and with a fact that oldest prescription of Ayurveda may be the worthiest to the mankind. Also natural gene-editing possible with Ayurveda science since pre-historic era and re-invented. Today Ayurveda science may be as advanced and authentic with perspective to gene editing or gene-therapy. In recent years we find whole world is full panicked with every word-goes starting with viruses, their all kind of mutants etc. However once we take very worthy Isoprene to Terpenoids from plants and Fatty bio-molecules etc. this may be God gifted bio-molecules that prevent and cure virus attack or even its mutants by damaging their genetic traits. Modern Ayurveda says any anomaly in mankind caused by viruses or its mutants can be cured with natural gene-editing plants i.e. Justicia spp, with stated Ayurveda science containing Isoprene, acting gene-editing enzyme, non conventional and non protein bio-molecule by forming isoprene phosphate reversibly, along with all the precursors of desiring genetic-base materials such as Purine and Pyrimidine obtainable from very popular Alkaloid biomolecules namely Vasicine, Vascineone and Quinazoline, respectively sourced from Justacia spp, or else simply fed them with Citrus spp or Switenia mahagony leaves all this containing Isoprene and hence animals fed gets escaped from any kind of virus diseases. All this Ayurvedic plants since pre-historic era and proven true Ultra natural all the mentioned biomolecules also obtainable at their respective temperature of vapour point (vp) from individual plant extracts. Whereas examples are given with aquatic data of fisheries environments.

DOI: 10.22271/fish.2022.v10.i3b.2688

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Debabrata Das, Prakriti Das, Aranya Das, Santa Ana Das. Ecotechnology of isoprene, resembles, ph beyond central-dogma to spoil evil-helix of virions or else their genetic materials in a natural gene-editing process of ayurveda. Int J Fish Aquat Stud 2022;10(3):146-153. DOI:
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