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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

2018, Vol. 6, Issue 5, Part B

Biochemical profile of some of the marine fishes

Author(s): Bhilave MP

Abstract: Research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in fish, and particularly the omega-3 fatty acids found in pelagic fishes, are heart-friendly and can make improvements in brain development and reproduction. This has highlighted the role for fish in the functionality of the human body. Proteins, Carbohydrates and Lipid, which constitute major components of the body, play an important role in body constitution and energy metabolism. Biochemical composition determines the fish quality. Fish protein is relatively of high digestibility, biological and growth promoting value for human consumption. Today, fish is the only important food source that is still primarily gathered from the wild rather than farmed—with marine capture historically accounting for >80% of the world’s fish supply. Total landings from marine fisheries increased ∼5-fold in the 40-year period from 1950 to 1990. More recently, however, capture fisheries have not been able to keep pace with growing demand, and many marine fisheries have already been over-fished. In the period 1990–1997, fish consumption increased by 31% while the supply from marine capture fisheries increased by only 9% (FAO, 1999). This has intensified the pressure on the harvesters, which has translated into increased pressures on, and over-fishing of, many commercial fisheries. Nearly half of the known ocean fisheries are completely exploited and 70% are in need of urgent management. Taking into account the vastness of marine fishes and its exploitation, the present work on “biochemical profile of some of the marine fishes” has been selected.

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Bhilave MP. Biochemical profile of some of the marine fishes. Int J Fish Aquat Stud 2018;6(5):127-131.
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