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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

2015, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part G

Constraints of Fish Marketing in Abakaliki Metropolis

Author(s): Nwabunike M. O.

Abstract: The study analyzed the constraints militating fish marketing in Abakaliki metropolis, the objectives of the study were to analyze the constraints of fish marketing in the study area, as well as make necessary recommendations for the improvement of fish marketing in the study area. Oral interview schedule was used to collect data from seventy (70) respondents who were randomly selected. The data were analyzed using statistical percentages and mean score analysis. Majority (21%) of the marketers accepted they sold only Mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) while the lower population (1.83%) of the farmers sold only Bonga (Ethmalosa fimbriata). Majority (48.57%) of the marketers sold fishes mainly in fresh form, while lower population (12.86%) of the marketers sold fishes both in fresh, dry and smoked form. The mean score analysis in the form of a five-point likert scale showed that the most accepted factors that affect the quality of fish handling include; consumer’s choice (3.7) and inadequate storage facilities (3.5), while the most rejected factors were; lack of cold room (2.2) and fear on the side of the fish marketers (2.4). The research showed that the most accepted constraints to fish marketing in the study area are; problem of processing (3.9) and inadequate spacing in fish marketers’ stalls or shops (3.7). In conclusion, it has been observed that fish marketing in Abakaliki urban is a lucrative venture. Although, fishes are marketed in different forms either as fresh, smoked or dried fish. Marketers have lots of challenges, which the researcher has tried to proffer solutions to as attested by the majority of the respondents. Based on the research findings, the following policy recommendations are therefore proffered. Fish marketers should form a co-operative society to enable them obtain loan from financial institutions so as to expand their marketing activities. Government and private organization should encourage fish marketers by building an organized market and effecting free trade within the study area. Government should provide more cold rooms to enable fish marketers get fish for sale easier. Government should provide processing places/spaces to enable those who want to engage in fish smoking to cope. There should be subsidy in price of fish by the government so that everybody will have access to fish, this is because majority of the consumers within the study area are poor. Government should also provide transportation facilities and good infrastructural facilities within the study area to encourage the fish marketers.

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