International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Volume 2 Issue 1, 2014

Part B

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Effects of duckweed (Lemna polyrhiza) meal incorporated diet on enzyme producing autochthonous gut bacteria in fingerling mrigal, Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton)

Pinki Ghosh, Arun Kumar Ray
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [72-78]


Distributional pattern of different cells with special emphasis on the seasonal variations of gonadotrophs in the pituitary gland of Mystus vittatus (Bloch, 1794) in relation to testicular activities

N. Chatterjee, P. Chakrabarti
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [79-87]


Microscopic observation of spermatozoa in milt collected with syringe without sacrificing the male African Catfish (Clarias anguillaris B. 1911)

K. O. Idahor
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [88-91]


New record of five Butterflyfishes (Family: Chaetodontidae) from the Lakshadweep Archipelago, Western Indian Ocean, with notes on occurrence of four additional species

K.K. Idreesbabu, N. H. Cernohorsky and S. Sureshkumar
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [92-101]


Indigenous fish species a panacea for cage aquaculture in Zambia: A case for Oreochromis macrochir (Boulenger, 1912) at Kambashi out-grower scheme.

Albert Nsonga
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [102-105]


Effects of fry stocking densities on growth, survival rate and production of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Cyprinus carpio var. specularis and Labeo rohita in earthen ponds at Natore fish farm, Natore, Bangladesh

Md. Istiaque Hossain, Jesmin Ara, B. M Mostafa Kamal and Anannya Sen Tumpa, Md. Yeamin Hossain
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [106-112]


Cytochrome P450 3A and its role in metabolism of erythromycin by hepatic microsomes of Indian major carps, Labeo rohita (Ham.), Catla catla (Ham.) and Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.)

Benoy Kishore Rai, Dawa Bhutia and Joydeb Pal
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [113-117]


Effect of restricted and re-feeding regime on feeding cost, growthperformance, feed utilization and survival rate of mixed sex Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus cultured in tanks

Samwel Mchele Limbu, Khalid Jumanne
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [118-123]


Weight–length relationships for twelve cichlid species from Lake Malawi, Africa

A. Maruyama, R. Zatha, B. Rusuwa
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [124-127]


Feeding and Breeding Biology of Mystus vittatus: A Review

Sandipan Gupta
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [128-130]






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