International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2014


Effects of some physicochemical properities of water  on histopathological and hematological picture of fish inhabiting Emet Stream


Author(s): Ali Gül, Nurcan Uzel, Ayhan Özkul, Belda Erkmen, Sezin Düzel, Göktuğ Gül

Abstract: This study deals with the physicochemical water parameters of Emet Stream and their histopathologic and hematologic effects upon Squalius cephalus, Capoeta tinca, Barbus plebejus and Alburnoides bipunctatus living there. The changes of the fish tissues were determined by the use of routine histological methods. The hematocrit levels of the bloods taken from the fish were also estimated. NO2, PO43-, Ni, as and B values were observed to be above the stipulated levels. There were bronchitis, telangiectasia, epithelial lifting and passive hyperemia determined in gills; focal hepatitis, vena centralis, hydropic and vacuolar degeneration were seen in livers; there were hemorrhages in kidney tissue and enteritis was encountered. Bronchitis and telangiectasis were intensively observed in S. cephalus and C. tinca specimens. Focal hepatitis was much more intensive in C. tinca. The hematocrit levels were found to be 520.45% in S. cephalus, 17.55% in A. bipunctatus, 16.625% in B. plebejus and 22% in C. tinca. The elevated values of some water parameters of Emet Stream were actually affecting on both tissues and blood parameters of the fish.

Fig: The map of the working site

Fig: The map of the working site

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