International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Volume 1 Issue 6, 2014

Part C

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An overview of current status of Kenyan fish feed industry and feed management practices, challenges and opportunities

Jonathan Mbonge Munguti, Safina Musa, Paul S. Orina, Domitila N Kyule, Mary A. Opiyo, Harrison Charo-Karisa and Erick Ochieng Ogello
[Abstract]     [PDF]    [128 - 137]


Artificial Breeding Protocol and Optimal Breeding Environment for Labeo victorianus (Boulenger, 1901)

Paul Sagwe Orina, Joseph Rasowo, Elijah Gichana, Benard Maranga, Harrison Charo-Karisa
[Abstract]     [PDF]    [138 - 143]


Cycle of Gonad Maturation, Condition Index and Spawning of Clarotes Laticeps (Claroteidae) In the Lower River Niger

P. A. Ekokotu and N. F. Olele
[Abstract]     [PDF]    [144 - 150]


Triploidy induction and growth performance of hybrid catfish (Clarias macrocephalus × C. gariepinus)

Parven A., Gallardo, G. W.

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [151 - 162]


Larval rearing of spiny eel, Mastacembelus pancalus in the captivity with emphasis on their development stages

Aeyrin Afroz, Md. Sherazul Islam, Md. Rezwanul Hasan, Mst. Hasnahena and Dilshad Milky Tuly

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [163 - 167]


Selected morpho physiographic features of Tor Maheer (Tor tor) from Rana Pratap Sagar reservoir, Rajasthan (India)
V.P. Saini, M.L.Ojha, M.C.Gupta

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [168 - 172]


Effect of Copepoda parasites Caligus longipedis (Bassett-Smith in 1898) infection in marine ornamental fish Amphiprion percula and Amphiprion clarkii
R. Ganeshamurthy, M. Mohan Raj, V. Sadeesh Kumar, N. Veerappan

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [173 - 175]


Effect of papain supplemented diet on growth and survival of post -larvae of Macrobrachium rosenbergii
D. W. Patil, H. Singh

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [176 - 179]


A study on the influence of certain eco–physiological factors on predation efficiency of Aplocheilus panchax

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [180 - 182]


Effect of River Flow Variability on Spawning Migration of Labeobarbus Species In Infranz River, Lake Tana Sub-basin, Ethiopia
Gebremedhin S., Kebede B. and Mingist M.

[Abstract]     [PDF]    [183 - 189]






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