International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Volume 1, Issue 6, 2014


Phylogenetic analysis among Cyprinidae family using 16SrRNA


Author(s): Utpala Sharma, Varsha singhal, Dayal P. Gupta, Partha Sarathi Mohanty

Abstract: In the present study, the cyprinid fishes (Labeo rohita, Catla catla, Cirrihinus mrigala) of Agra region were selected for resolving their phylogeny. Sequencing of fishes were done using mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene and it was compared with other cyprind fishes on the basis of similarity. 17 sequences of cyprinid fishes were downloaded from NCBI along with one out group of family Balitoridae as a root of tree. They were examined to construct the phylogenetic tree within the most diverse family Cyprinidae. The present study reveals the high rate of mutation in the fishes. The overall transition/ transversion bias R shows the high deviation from the neutral evolution where R= 0.5. In the phylogenetic tree the neutrality test is conducted which rejected the neutral variation. The negative values of Tajima’s D test shows the bottle neck effect whereas values of Li and Fu’S D* and Li and Fu’s F* test show excess of external mutation. The maximum parsimony analysis method shows the relation of Catla catla with subfamily Labeoninae and these are indicated through the bootstrap values. The family Cyprinidae was resolved as a paraphyletic group which shows the divergence may occur, but they share the same common ancestor and the value of consistency index and retention index supports that they have shared the common ancestor.

Fig: Shows the amplified product of 16S rRNA gene

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