International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2014


Histologically Confirmed Intersex (Ovo-testis) in the Freshwater Crab Travancoriana schirnerae (Bott, 1969)


Author(s): Sudha Devi A. R, Smija M. K

Abstract: This paper provides the first report of an intersex condition in the freshwater crab Travancoriana schirnerae, a gonochoristic species commonly distributed in the paddy fields of Wayanad.  Of the 165 males examined morphologically and histologically, one displayed intersex condition. The intersex individual investigated was a fully functional male revealed by its male-like morphology and the presence of paired testes, vasa deferentia, androgenic glands and mature spermatozoa but histological examination disclosed the presence of a previtellogenic oocyte in one of the testicular acini. The condition reported here did not present an internal bilateral division of the reproductive system into male and female components, instead the occurrence of a previtellogenic oocyte amid normal spermatogonial cell lineages. The gonadosomatic index and vas deferens factor of the intersex male were closer to normal male values indicating that the intersex condition might have occurred by feminization of a male crab.


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