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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

2016, Vol. 4 Issue 2, Part D
Speciescomposition,diversityandabundanceof mangroves along the estuarine Area of Maligaya, Palanan, Isabela, Philippines
Author(s): Francis Nuestro Baleta, Ronald Santiago Casalamitao, Jr.
Abstract: Present study was conducted to document the species composition, abundance and diversity of mangroves found along the river side of Maligaya, Palanan, Isabela. Seven stations were established along the study area using the line transect method. Species composition data revealed 14 species of mangroves identified from 6 families namely: Rhizophoraceae, Acanthaceae, Avicenniaceae, Sterculiaceae, Palmae and Melianceaeare were present during the study period. The most abundant species across the seven stations are Nypa fruticans, Bruguiera sexangula, Avicennia lanata and Xylocarpus granatum. Highest diversity was recorded at 0.099 individuals per 500 m2 for Nypa fruticans. Station 5 revealed the highest species richness and repetition index while Station 7 recorded the highest diversity as indicated by various indices of diversity. Results revealed that the mangrove forest of Maligaya, Palanan, Isabela has a diverse species of mangroves.
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