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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

2016, Vol. 4 Issue 2, Part D
Ingress rate of fish population to baited traps at varied fishing grounds in estuary of New Calabar River, Nigeria
Author(s): Eyo Ambrose, Isangedighi
Abstract: A study was conducted in the estuary of New Calabar river with a view to finding the best fishing ground for artisanal trap fishery. A conical fish trap was used in the study and was set forth nightly for one year in five different habitats, namely: mangrove habitat, nypa palm habitat, shallow water with muddy bottom habitat, deep water with sandy bottom habitat and water hyacinth habitat. A total of eight families; Gobidae, Portunidae, Periophthalmidae, Bagridae, Cyprinodontidae, Moringuidae, Xenothidea, and Paleamonidae and respectively eightspecies; Porugobinnus schelli, Callinectes latimanus, Periophthalmus papilio, Chrysichthys filamentosus, Aplochilicthys splanchen, Moringua arundinacea, Lophopanobeus bellus and Macrobrachium macrobrachion of fishes were caught, numbering 809 and weighing 11.88kg. Mangrove habitat caught significantly (F – test, < 0.05; 0.01) more fish (4.18 kg) than all other four habitats. The lowest weight of fish caught (1.19 kg) was from water hyacinth habitat.
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